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All Powered School Management
ERP Software

Our ERP school management software is an effective solution that can help elevate your school to the next level, improving overall efficiency and streamlining operations.
erp school management software in tamil nadu
Student Management

Manages students' personal information, performance, and records

erp school management software in tamil nadu

Hepto's School ERP

Our ERP school management software development in Tamil Nadu helps schools in the region to modernize and enhance productivity through efficient and effective management. Our software works to streamline their daily operations, eliminating manual and repetitive tasks and allowing users to better manage their school in an efficient and effective manner.

erp school management software in tamil nadu
Admin Management

Helps in maintaining school activities and maintaining school data

erp school management software in tamil nadu
erp school management software in tamil nadu
Fee Management

Deposit the student's fees directly and get the receipt via mail

erp school management software in tamil nadu
erp school management software in tamil nadu
Library Management

Organized school library management managing book records

erp school management software in tamil nadu
erp school management software in tamil nadu
Attendance Management

Attendance management is available and gets attendance reports

erp school management software in tamil nadu
erp school management software in tamil nadu
Transport Management

Maintaining vehicles & students with the school transportation system

erp school management software in tamil nadu
Your Schooling Assistant

For Quality Education

Hepto's ERP school management software is a comprehensive solution for automating the operations of any educational institution. It comes with a suite of advanced features and an intuitive user interface that makes managing a school easier than ever. With our ERP system, administrators can monitor, report, and upload data quickly and efficiently, enhancing productivity and streamlining the management process. Our software also facilitates online schooling and the adoption of technological advancements, simplifying the overall administration and student experience.

Features of School Management ERP Software

Our team specializes in developing School and college websites as well as School Management Software Solutions, and we prioritize helping organizations expand their reach.

Core Functionality Of Hepto's ERP

Our aim is to develop the most advanced and user-friendly school ERP software for managing various school activities to serve the efficient and systematic functioning of schools


erp school management software in tamil nadu

Managing a school day is a tricky task that requires a significant amount of time and effort. School ERP can come to the rescue as it is the most efficient way to maximize the efficiency of school administration and deliver services in a timely manner. ERP school management software automates repetitive processes and ensures data accuracy to keep confidential information protected and secure.

It also provides administrators with the means to improve school management through the use of easy-to-use technology solutions. With this, schools can enjoy the full automation of administrative processes and the goal of paperless administration to access, manage, and analyze data and processes.


erp school management software in tamil nadu

School Management ERP Software enables teachers to participate in virtual classrooms from any location and teach students with a smart device and internet connection. The automated attendance management system assists staff in maintaining accurate records and generating attendance reports.

With the software, teachers no longer have to manually manage individual student files or folders such as attendance, grade and report card, timetables, exam schedules, fee records, hostels, and library details. The software provides teachers with real-time data to help them make strategic decisions that will improve the academic performance of students.


erp school management software in tamil nadu

School Management ERP Software helps to strengthen a school's relationship with its students by creating an organized and well-managed learning environment. This software enables teachers and students to benefit from the digital tools that come with a virtual classroom, allowing them to attend classes and assessments from any location.

It also allows students to access their timetables, communicate with their teachers and peers as needed, and download lesson notes and course material. Furthermore, School Management ERP Software helps teachers track student results and provide positive feedback or constructive criticism to help them reach their academic goals.


erp school management software in tamil nadu

School ERP management software helps strengthen the relationship between parents, teachers and school admins, providing an easier way to stay connected. It provides external communication tools such as email and text, allowing parents to stay informed of the admission process, dates, and times. ERP offers parents access to their children’s progress, payment records, schedules, attendance and more.

With school ERP software, parents can track the school bus in real-time, and view attendance, assignment results and more. It also provides a digital and automated payment process, allowing parents to pay student fees online and receive timely reminders of due and upcoming fees.

School Management System

Hepto's School Management System Software is an integrated solution with high-class features specially designed to simplify school management's working process.
erp school management software in tamil nadu

School ERP software is a robust ERP system integrated with the advanced modules to enable teachers and students to digitize the work processes of school management.

Hepto Technologies build School ERP software according to the requirements of the institutions with amazing benefits for the school and makes the management of school easier.

We offer School ERP software that integrates both academic and administrative functions for educational institutions capable of automating all the tasks performed in schools.

erp school management software in tamil nadu
erp school management software in tamil nadu

Digitizing Your School

We are the one-stop solution for all your School ERP Software needs. We are anxiously awaiting to develop an integrated solution for complete computerization for institutions.
Digitizing Your School - Complete At A Glance
Complete At A Glance

Digital system ensures organizing different aspects of the school system.

Digitizing Your School - Prompt Communication
Prompt Communication

Mitigate the communication gap among teachers, parents & students.

erp school management software in tamil nadu
Digitizing Your School - Collaborative Learning
Collaborative Learning

Highly collaborative learning experience for students and teachers.

Digitizing Your School - Highly Customized
Highly Customized

Modules are highly customized based on the requirements of the school.

Benefits Of School Management System

We take care of our school management software designing and development highly, so that our clients can make the most use of our created solutions.
Elegant Online Presence
Helps in organizing various aspects of the school system including admission, timetable, fees, reporting, and so on.
Complete Automation
School Management ERP Software empowers you with automation and digitizing your school for smarter decisions.
Ensure Collaboration
Help administrators of schools boost their productivity and reduce the time and effort to manage and organize schools.
Go Paperless
Digitize administrative and non-administrative tasks and generate school reports with school ERP software.
Better Communication
Keep parents, teachers, and students in the connectivity loop through SMS, email, and mobile apps to optimize resources.
Admission Assistance
Enhance the Online school admission system for driving better efficiency and student enrollment, Online fee collection, etc.

School ERP Screenshots

Hepto developed a complete computerized integrated solution for educational institutions of all levels from Nursery to Colleges of the country.

Salient Features Of School ERP

Offer a robust, time-tested educational ERP system integrated with the advanced modules to digitize the daily work processes of educational institutions.
Features Of School ERP - Customized ERP
Customized ERP

Ensure customized solutions timely delivery, with high-quality from start to end.

Features Of School ERP - Easy User-Interface
Easy User-Interface

Easy to use and quite interactive facilitates different users of school management.

Features Of School ERP - Role-based Access
Role-based Access

Offer the sign-in facility for online school ERP by multi-users based on their roles.

Features Of School ERP - Multi-User Solution
Multi-User Solution

Enable students, faculty, administrators, and alumni to access live services 24/7.

Features Of School ERP - Secure Data
Secure Data

Securing all data from any unauthorized access to school management software.

Features Of School ERP - SMS Integration
SMS Integration

Sends SMS to parents & guardians about the day-to-day activities of the students.

Features Of School ERP -Reports & Analysis
Reports & Analysis

Generate reports, receipts, through school ERP and can be exported in PDF, etc.

Features Of School ERP - Client Support
Client Support

A dedicated support team assists customers with their technical questions in ERP.

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erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software
erp school management software

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best ERP solution provider company?
Hepto Technologies is one of the leading ERP solution providers in India. They offer cloud-based ERP solutions with advanced features such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, financials, supply chain management, manufacturing, and analytics. Hepto Technologies also offers implementation and integration services to ensure our customers get the best out of their ERP solutions.
2) How much cost will take to create a school management software ERP?
The cost of creating a school management software ERP with Hepto Technologies will depend on the scope and complexity of the project. However, a basic implementation of the software can cost anywhere from $30,000 depending on the features and customization needed.
3) Why is ERP software important for school management?
Hepto Technologies understands the importance of having an ERP system for school management. It can also help reduce costs and increase efficiency by automating tasks. With an ERP system in place, schools can access data quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for manual data entry and manual reports. An ERP system can help schools manage student information, attendance, grades, and fees, as well as track and analyze performance. Ultimately, an ERP system can help schools operate more efficiently, increase productivity, and enhance student learning.
4) How School ERP software could help in improving school management?
Hepto Technologies School ERP software is designed to help schools improve their management and ensure the best possible outcomes for students. With our School ERP software, schools can create an effective and efficient management system that allows them to run their operations in the most effective way. It also helps schools improve student outcomes and ensure they are provided with the best educational experience.

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