Case Studies

We have helped our clients realize their dreams of creating a great technology platform, go live to market, generate great revenues, acquire thousands of users and get million-dollar valuations. We can do the same for you. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Our Successfull Applications


Reliable Ride-Hailing App For All People

Buraak provides the riders complete travel solutions to a wide range of customized booking options that cater the traveling needs of the passengers to all domestic needs, with a vast range of ride categories starting with auto to, top of line luxurious vehicles.

Buraak offers a top-notch comfortable trip service to the passengers in a convenient manner, the riders can also enjoy the ride as they listen to their favorite tunes with our in-cab Entertainment system.


Power of the Licensed Healthcare Workers

MedicaShift is an innovative app for finding quality staff while saving money and time and facilities can identify the clinicians temporarily or contract and the rate is mutually agreed between the two parties.

MedicaShift makes sure that Facilities get the best clinicians and licensed healthcare workers to work for them and they can control their own dashboard.


Best News App For All

The Hustler app provides many personalization features that make it enormously simple for the readers to tailor their news feed on the basis of their location and category preferences like trending, technology, politics, sports, entertainment, etc.

Hustler offers a number of reader engagement features and the readers can view and read the content in offline mode and easily share content on social media this feature helps to reach out to more new readers to an app.

University of Marlyne

Best University Website For All

Marlyne will be a premier university for international students to develop graduates with well-rounded skill sets and faculty to gather online to develop themselves, engage in useful scholarship and improve their lives and communities.

Our University is one of the best destinations where international students have a wide range of options for study. Marlyne also provides opportunities to all the students for their overall development during formal education.

Policy Nation

Best Health Insurance Experience

PolicyNation allows the customers to access detailed information about the insurance plan, its salient features, and also the terms and conditions on the partner insurers for buying an insurance policy.

PolicyNation customers get the most imperative tech-enabled insurance experience by offering the utmost convenience, best possible rates, and delivering excellent customer service.

EV Zone

Ultra-Fast Public EV Charging Stations

EV Zone accelerates the adoption of Electric Vehicles in Africa offers reliable, always on time, cost-effective, high-quality services for serving you for your point-to-point travel needs including unlimited daily travel.

The Riders can register with EV Zone through a mobile number and they can book the rides on time or later also choose the vehicle types like EV Cab, EV Shuttle, EV Delivery, EV Ambulance with accessories check to cover all these needs for you.

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